Our Spirit

A Mediterranean way of living

Discover the essence of the Mediterranean through the scents and flavors that give this land its character. We have created a liqueur that combines the intensity of orange zest with the crisp freshness of the Mediterranean coast.

The perfect companion
to savor every moment

The Mediterranean isn’t merely a spot on the map; it’s also a place in your mind. With just a sip of our exquisite orange liqueur, you can always reach that peaceful mental state, far removed from your everyday concerns, your sole focus on the joy of the here and now.

To be Mediterranean means intensity and passion. It means brushing the sand’s sharp fragrance over your skin, embracing dawn to enjoy the endlessness of night. It is to sample the deepest bonds of friendship and the joy of life as you share it with your people.

The Mediterranean is much more than a landscape. It’s a place that smells of soil, salt, warmth and optimism, where the small pleasures are exalted and time can be stopped to enjoy a good moment. It’s an invitation to live your life with all your senses.