Our Product

Craftly made from the most exquisite Torres
Brandy and the best Mediterranean oranges.

Infused Brandy

The core of this orange liquor, by the traditional and renowned Torres Brandy, yields body, maturity and woody nuances, among other numerous virtues.

Double Maceration

Its balanced and aromatic flavor results from a delicate double maceration -of the peels of our sweet oranges, and of a careful Mediterranean botanicals selection.

Orange Peels

The thick and aromatic peel of Mediterranean sweet oranges transfers all its essential oils to the grape brandy over the course of months and through a thoughtful process of maceration.

The best oranges from
the Mediterranean

Grown under the Mediterranean climate, the sweet oranges are key for the aroma, flavor and color of our delicious orange liqueur. Their exposure to the long sunny days of the Mediterranean coast, with its humid soil, turns on the fruit’s sweetest and most delicious properties.

The Process

Aging in old oak casks produces an aromatic elixir,
silky in texture and exceptionally elegant.

Handcrafted production
at Juan Torres Master
Distillers facilities in
Penedés, Barcelona.

Made by steeping
orange peel in grape
brandy, carefully
distilled in small

Aged in old
American oak casks,
providing the orange
liqueur with toasty
and wood notes.

Tasting notes

Pale amber color. Intense, complex aroma. A perception of orange blossom and sweet orange, as well as notes of aromatic herbs. The palate is silky in texture with citrusy nuances that define its persistent, elegant character.

Behind the bottle

The crystal prisms of our bottle reflect the warm sunbeams of the Mediterranean, which bathe its fresh orange groves every morning and colour the whole landscape with orange hues at dusk.

Infused with peels
of the best
Mediterranean oranges

Our Botanicals

The Mediterranean character of this aromatic elixir results, in
part, from the maceration of the grape brandy and a unique
selection of botanicals grown in the Mediterranean coast.

Orange peels

Orange Blossom